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How to Motivate Your Sales Reps?

It is Imperative to Show Trust Employee motivation has become a focus for many employers in the last decade, particularly when it comes to sales managers. They can only impact their employees in two ways: by assisting them in improving their skill set or motivating them. Although the first is easier because you can train […]

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How to Create Your Daily Route

Without a daily route, you might as well be telling your customers that you don't care about their business. A daily route is the bread and butter of any successful salesperson. You might have the best sales pitch in town, but if you don't make regular visits, they'll go elsewhere. Unfortunately, creating a daily route […]

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How to Manage Independent Sales Reps 

Management of Independent Sales Reps  Many businesses and companies are opting to work with independent sales reps to maximize their corporate revenues. With their extensive market knowledge and connections, these independent sales reps play a vital role in creating new opportunities for businesses to expand the reach of their brands. Though this staffing approach has […]

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Sales Route Optimization: Five Steps for Efficient Planning

In this guide, we'll cover five critical steps to successful sales route optimization. When you spend too much time trying to plan the best route, you're left with way little time selling products and services. On-field sales representatives often cover a large area when making calls or customer visits to potential clients. A lack of […]

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Hit Your Goal: 6 Expert Tips for Sales Route Planning

66 percent of a sales team member's time is spent on non-sales tasks. Whether it's travel, administrative work, or non-sales related phone calls, these tasks prevent sales reps from spending time on what they really need to do – sell. Sales route planning is one of the most critical tasks for a sales rep. It […]

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10 Unique Tips to Grow Your Book of Business for Outside Sales

As an outside salesperson, you likely want to find ways to be more efficient and bring in more clients. Today’s challenges are different as technology and social media are ever-evolving. You can safeguard your income from current and future market uncertainty by taking a unique approach to creating or revitalizing your book of business. If […]

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Best Route Planning Software for Businesses in 2022

Excellent customer experience has made its way ahead of price and product for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. Business owners have now prioritized their customers and clients and are investing to ensure their satisfaction. For companies whose products and services are assessed on their ability to distribute goods, timely delivery has become […]

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Best Sales Tools for Field Reps

A field job for sales representatives is no less than a challenge. Besides finding potential leads, they must also get ready for meetings and meet prospects in their offices. In short, most of their work time is spent outside offices. But thanks to the advancements in technology, outside sales persons can make their job a […]

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How to Find and Convert New Sales Leads

A sales lead is basically a person that can potentially benefit from a product or service that you may be selling. Depending on how the service or product is pitched to them, the lead might convert into a closed deal. But the real challenge is to find a lead; converting it into a sale comes […]

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