Small Business CRM

Customizable, mobile, & affordable

RepMove’s CRM for small business owners delivers big value starting at $19.99 per month or $199 per year. We make it easy to use, simple to manage, and tailored to your needs.
small business crm

SMB Versatility

What separates RepMove

We’re confident RepMove is the best CRM for small business owners because we designed it to balance simplicity, customization, and affordability. A mobile-first and cloud-based CRM, it’s easy to access from anywhere.

Manage Customer Relationships

Contacts, accounts, & prospects at your fingertips

The main function of a good customer relationship management tool is managing key relationships. RepMove is built for outside sales, unlike most tools. That means we’re focused on relationships and enabling their growth.

Track What Matters

Notes, purchase orders, expense reports, and more

RepMove makes it easy to track and manage key activities for accounts and contacts without having to worry about fancy custom interfaces. Whether it’s purchase orders, expense reports, or basic notes, you’ll be able to access historical records anywhere and automatically sync activities that matter.


Intuitive tagging and category system

Our fully customizable tagging and category system makes our small business CRM uniquely easy to use. Create tags or categories for industry, prospect or customer stage, or anything else.

Small Business CRM Mobile App

Your CRM, always with you

RepMove is a mobile-first CRM, making it easy to manage your contacts and accounts from anywhere. Our mobile app also makes it simple to track activities while you’re on the move.


5,000+ Connections

RepMove connects with more than 5,000 other apps and platforms through Zapier. We’ll even hook into an existing CRM to level up its ability to serve your needs.
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Small Business CRM Pricing

The best part? It’s cost effective

We offer two basic pricing packages, but we can also create custom a custom package depending upon your needs.

RepMove’s full CRM capability is $49.99 per month per user or $499 per year per user. Our more affordable option is $19.99 per month per user or $199 a year per user.

You can also try it free for 7 days.
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Field Sales CRM
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Field Sales App
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"I see five more customers a day. We changed the way we do things."
Richard F.
Director of UK Sales
"Great support and add tremendous value to myself as a sales rep out on the road. Highly recommend💪🏼"
Ryan D.
Customer Representative
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