The Best CRM for Field Sales

Outside the usual CRM box

We built a field sales CRM because nothing existed we felt adequately served the outside sales representative. RepMove is the best CRM for field sales, designed from the ground up for professional B2B sales people.
field sales crm

The Traditional CRM Struggle

What separates RepMove

We hear it all the time: My team won’t use our CRM. That’s because it’s probably built for inside sales and data analysts. Not to make their lives easier in the field.

RepMove is purpose-built for outside sales. It’s a field sales CRM designed to make life easier for reps on the go.

Account & Contact Management

Simple to understand. Easy to use.

The core of any customer relationship management system is customers. Our CRM makes importing your customer data fast and easy. It makes accessing it simple. It makes creating new contacts, prospects, and accounts a snap.

Activity Tracking

The notes and activity features your team needs

Our field sales CRM tracks what matters most in the field. Notes, POs, calls, emails, texts, expense reports – it’s all there and easily findable at the account and contact level. No more rifling through notebooks. No more guessing who’s doing what. A better option is here.

Performance Management

Identify gaps quickly, improve performance, drive sales

It’s tough to improve what you can’t measure. And you can’t measure what you can’t track. That’s history with RepMove. You’ll know who’s doing what and when. You’ll have a full 360-degree view of your team’s activity so you can take action to improve performance and drive revenue.

Companion App

Your team’s new best friend

RepMove’s companion app can enable field sales reps to see 5+ more customers a day. How? By eliminating inefficiency and improving time management. Some of what your reps will get:
  • Route optimization for efficiently managing multi-stop trips
  • Easily accessible notes to understand account history
  • Task reminders & calendar integrations
  • Mobile contact creation is made even faster with a business card scanner


We play well with others

RepMove connects with more than 5,000 other apps and platforms through Zapier. We’ll even hook into an existing CRM to level up its ability to serve your needs.
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Field Sales CRM Pricing

The best part? It’s cost effective

You can easily spend tens of thousands retrofitting a traditional CRM to make it suitable as a CRM for outside sales. That’s in addition to the thousands it costs in subscriptions (to say nothing of maintenance hours).

RepMove’s full CRM capability is $49.99 per month per user or $499 per year per user. You can also try it free for 7 days.
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Popular use cases

Mobile CRM
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Territory Management
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Small Business CRM
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Outside Sales Software
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"I see five more customers a day. We changed the way we do things."
Richard F.
Director of UK Sales
"Great support and add tremendous value to myself as a sales rep out on the road. Highly recommend💪🏼"
Ryan D.
Customer Representative
What is a field sales CRM?
Most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms were built for inside sales and data analysts. A field sales CRM is built for outside sales representatives in the field. They're designed to be easy to update on-the-go, accessible from anywhere, and with mobile-first apps and interfaces.
Why is RepMove the best field sales CRM?
RepMove built its CRM from the ground up specifically tailored to the needs of outside sales representatives. In addition to offering key features such as cloud-based data management, customizable tagging and categorization, and a web-based dashboard, the RepMove mobile app makes creating notes, expense reports, purchase orders, and new contacts and accounts easy out in the field.
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