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How to Build Lasting Relationships in Outside Sales

Building and keeping relationships in the field of sales is important. Prospective clients can quickly becoming repeat customers if they are comfortable with their outside sales representative. This blog will provide some tips on how to establish relationships with sales clients and suggest some helpful tools along the way.

Steps to Build a Sales Relationship

  • Set up meetings in a place the client chooses.
  • Remember personal information the client has shared with you and take notes (how many kids they have, where they are from, favorite sports teams, etc).
  • Try the human-centric approach.
  • Keep contact consistent. Set up a schedule with them on how often to touch base.
  • Don't rush it. Take your time to build a relationship and gain trust from your client. Being pushy may cause them to back off and end up wasting more time and work on your end. This may also deter you from working with this client in the future.

Tools To Succeed

Once a relationship is developed, the sale will become easier and feel more fluid. Future sales with this client may then feel effortless. It's important to have resources available, especially while on the go. Having daily routes mapped out will help you remain efficient. Find a way to quickly retrieve client information. Using an application like RepMove will make your life easier and help you categorize and stay on track and motivated in all of your sales components. Good luck and go land some sales!


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