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Best Sales Tools for Field Reps

A field job for sales representatives is no less than a challenge. Besides finding potential leads, they must also get ready for meetings and meet prospects in their offices. In short, most of their work time is spent outside offices. But thanks to the advancements in technology, outside sales persons can make their job a […]

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How to Find and Convert New Sales Leads

A sales lead is basically a person that can potentially benefit from a product or service that you may be selling. Depending on how the service or product is pitched to them, the lead might convert into a closed deal. But the real challenge is to find a lead; converting it into a sale comes […]

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Tools for Sales Growth

Sales representatives are responsible for boosting the sales of a company. But they aren’t always successful in growing at a rapid pace because of a lack of availability of reliable tools. While their skills are most certainly essential, using tools for sales growth is an effective business strategy that benefits fast-growing companies. Read on to […]

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6 Mood-Boosting Quotes to Pull Your Sales Team Out of a Slump

There are times when your sales team will fall into a slump and fail to meet goals for a given period of time. In some cases, this type of slump may be caused by poor motivation, and if you fail to address the issue, the slump will continue. You can use a few inspirational quotes […]

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5 Encouraging Quotes for Growing Your Business

Everyone needs a little encouragement now and then. Or, in some cases, constantly.  When you’re building a business, there are many hurdles. Finding an office building in the right location, hiring employees, getting accounting software, choosing an effective sales enablement tool, picking carpet colors, and a million other decisions weigh on business owners. So you […]

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How to Connect Your RepMove Account to Zapier

Connecting to Zapier will give you endless possibilities of integrating RepMove to the workflow apps you’re already using.  For example, you can easily set a 2-way integration between your existing CRM and RepMove. You’re all set! Now you can move on to connecting your RepMove account to the thousands of other apps available, making you […]

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Measure the Success of Your Sales Route Optimization with These 5 Goals

Companies want more than a sales route optimization tool that’s well-marketed. An effective sales enablement tool makes route optimization easy to implement and provides measurable metrics for success.  The gut feeling of “less time spent on the road” can’t be measured. But with these five metrics, which can be measured with objective numbers, companies that […]

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The Road Ahead: Breaking Out of a Sales Slump with Route Mapping Programs

When sales numbers decline quarter after quarter, figuring out the cause and addressing it becomes your top priority. Sometimes it comes from factors entirely outside your control — a temporary change in the industry, economic recession, or even a rough quarter for everyone. If the slump falls within your control, it’s tempting to increase investment: […]

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How to Use Route Optimization to Maximize Sales

There is always room for improvement. Even incremental improvements that don’t immediately seem all that significant add up. A few seconds shaved off a drive from one client to another makes a difference when accumulated over a day, month, or year. If you want your reps to get the most out of each and every […]

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