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How-to create your Daily Route

In this video we will teach you how to create your daily route on the RepMove App. From the home screen, click the green "daily route" button then select the date you would like for your route. Then click the green "create daily route" button and now you will begin to build your route. Select the start and end location, typically your place of business or your primary residence. For this example we have just chosen the center of the city of Chicago. Below that, all of your accounts from your account list will show. If you have any prospects, simply click prospect list and they will show here. Then you will select which accounts you would like to add to your daily route. If you have a custom location, such as a gas station or a restaurant, you will click the blue location icon and you can enter the address or choose your current location on the map and it will add as a stop. Once you're finished, click the checkmark in the top right corner and now you will see all of your stops. If you need to make any last minute changes, you can move stops by clicking and holding and rearranging. Once you are finished, click save and preview route. and you will see the overview of your route. To navigate, slide to the first stop, click navigate and you can open in your map of your choice. To return to the home screen, click the arrow in the top left corner then click the "x" in the top left corner.


  1. From Home Screen, click green “Daily Route” button
  2. Select the Date for route
  3. Click green “create daily route” button
  4. Build route by selecting a start (ex. first stop) and end (ex. home) location
  5. Select all stops for the day (from account and/or prospect list). To add a custom location, click the blue location bubble and add.
  6. Once finished, click check mark in top right corner
  7. Can move stops by clicking and holding to rearrange
  8. Save and preview route
  9. Navigate by sliding to first stop

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