How-to add an Account on RepMove

RepMove is a sales management application to help increase sales and efficiency among field sales representatives. Clink this link to reach out to us with any questions  

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How-to create a Task

There are actually two ways to create a task. The first thing you’ll want to do is determine if you want task notifications on; so in order to do that, you’ll go to settings down at the lower right. Select push notifications. And then toggle on task notifications. Here you’ll be able to set three different […]

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How-to Send Mass Emails to all of your Accounts and Prospects

This How-to video will show you how to easily send mass emails to all of or a selected list of your accounts and prospects in the RepMove app.

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How-to add a Prospect to the RepMove app

This video will teach you how-to add prospects into the RepMove app. Prospects are potential customers that you will easily be able to convert to your account list when they are converted.

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How-to create and email Mileage Reports

This how-to video will show you how to create, email your mileage report in Repmove App. You will also learn how you can automatically set your mileage report to be emailed at the timeframe of your choice.

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How-to Bulk Import Accounts and Prospects from a Spreadsheet to the RepMove App

This video will walk you through the steps of bulk importing your accounts and prospects to the RepMove app. Steps to import: Download the spreadsheet. Populate the spreadsheet with the data, only AccountName/ProspectName is mandatory field. Send the file to yourself over email or any other way. Save the file locally on your phone. Select […]

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How-to move a Prospect to your Account List

This video will show you how to move a Prospect to your Account list in Repmove App. This video will also show you how to deactivate a prospect to take it of off your list and reactivate the prospect if you would like to come back to it in the future.

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