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What Defines Successful Route Scheduling?

When moving products from point A to point B, businesses need to know the most efficient routes so they can save time, money, and manpower. This knowledge gives them more flexibility when investing in new growth strategies. Creating product itineraries is an essential part of sales management. Route scheduling makes it easier for decision-makers to… Read more »

B2B & B2C: Our Tips to Optimize Both with a Free Sales Route Planner

Supply-chain management is a complex process dependent on a variety of factors. Navigating the sales process requires finding and acting on opportunities and identifying potential channels for distribution.  B2B and B2C businesses use sales route planning to map out the most efficient ways to get their products from manufacturers and warehouses to their clients.  RepMove’s… Read more »

Build Trust With Your Customers

A lot has changed in the dynamics of doing business, but one of the things that has remained constant is the need to build lasting customer relationships. If anything, building trust with customers has proved harder for sales people because of the numerous options prospects can choose from.

Overcoming Failure

Failure in the sales field is viewed differently by different parties. Some dwell on mistakes made, while others choose to learn from them. Anyone who understands business dimensions better knows that failure should never be perceived as a setback, but a chance to improve on what went wrong and come back stronger. Where the main… Read more »

Prospecting New Clients

Prospecting is the acquisition and identification of potential customers in an effort to thrive in marketing and increase sales. The process involves developing a strategy and a system that will be effective in ensuring an increased rate of conversion. Prospecting is the beginning of any given sales journey and it determines if the sales will… Read more »

Benefits Of Route Planning

Like everything else in life, sales marketing is challenging and can get pretty complex if not planned for. Business owners with sales representatives travelling all over to make sales and deliver products understand too well the challenges in planning route logistics. Since business resources like time and finances are limited, it is necessary to plan… Read more »

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