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Benefits Of Route Planning

Like everything else in life, sales marketing is challenging and can get pretty complex if not planned for. Business owners with sales representatives travelling all over to make sales and deliver products understand too well the challenges in planning route logistics. Since business resources like time and finances are limited, it is necessary to plan suitable routes for sales personnel to prevent the wastage of such resources. Luckily, several tools are available to help business owners utilize their time and resources well. Many business owners have implemented route planning, with the help of a route planning app, to help them stay in control of their sales delivery personnel. Such tools make it possible to know exactly where staff are, which enhances efficiency and productivity. Route planning is essential to businesses that rely on sales reps to advertise their products and drivers to deliver products to their customers. Below are outlined some of the benefits of using a route planning app.

Minimizes Costs

All businesses seek to minimize cost and increase profitability. This can be achieved through cutting back on activities and tasks that result in the wastage resources. One of the most effective ways of minimizing costs in sales marketing is route planning. In route planning, business owners use a route planning app to select the best and shortest routes to be followed by the sales representatives. Consequently, delivery personnel and sales reps spend less time navigating through traffic to reach their destination. The less time spent on the road translates to lower transport costs. And, since less time is used on the road, vehicle wear and tear is reduced, thereby lowering maintenance costs.  Most businesses report a reduction of up to 40% in transport and vehicle maintenance costs upon implementing route planning.

Enhances Efficiency

Most business owners desire to enhance operational efficiency so that all systems are operating at their most productive level without wastage of resources. For businesses with sales reps and delivery staff, route planning is among the most critical ways of achieving this. Route planning enhances operational efficiency for businesses in the following ways:

  • Using a route planning app makes the process much faster and uses fewer people as compared to doing it the manual way. This frees up personnel for other equally important tasks.
  • It ensures that only the identified locations and customers are visited, thus eliminating the need for making unnecessary visits.
  • Route planning apps have additional features allow real-time traffic updates to facilitate selection of alternate routes in case of complications.

Provides Better Control Over Sales Personnel

Route planning makes it possible for the business owner to know exactly where their sales personnel are at all times. Route planning apps come equipped with GPS trackers to help the controller keep track of all their fleet. This discourages dishonesty on the part of sales personnel since any unscheduled stop or detour is tracked and can result to disciplinary action. Additionally, real-time tracking of personnel makes it possible to communicate with them easily in case of a change in the route or schedule. In cases of emergency or where traffic challenges are anticipated, sales reps and delivery staff can take alternative routes to avoid being caught up in it. Additionally, it is possible to plan for delivery personnel to make special deliveries to customers upon demand, thus improving customer service and making clients happy.

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