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Top 3 Sales Podcasts

The most important part of the sale process is sourcing new potential customers for products or services. The use of effective sales strategies that target the right target market is necessary for increased sales. An effective strategy may include a sales management app that simplifies the sales process by managing contacts, tracking deals, and clearing involving administrative duties. This helps in prioritizing leads that have the potential to convert to sales by ensuring data forecast, analytics and reports are accurate and reliable. While most salespeople know of the tricks available, most of the methods are generic if not aligned with the goals and objectives of the brand.  Podcasts are a great way of enlightening salespeople about what works, what doesn't, and what is new in the sales market. Below are some of the top sales podcasts that have proven effective to sales professionals and leaders:

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield defines what impacts experience in the sales industry should have. She is a business mentor with a decade of experience up her sleeves in determining the secrets of business success. The online marketing made easy podcast helps business leaders and salespeople in breaking their chunky business ideas and sales strategies into potions that can easily be executed using a process that is result-oriented and reliable. The podcasts provide inspirations and relatable stories and scenarios making Amy the go-to guru for online business owners when it comes to thriving in the saturated digital arena. Whether you are a startup or established business owner looking to diversify your brand, the podcast does not discriminate on the provision of effective strategies for online sales strategies.

The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling by Brian Burns

Almost 50% of all the episodes on The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling by Brian Burns’ podcast talks about tricks and hacks of nailing B2B sales strategies and increasing conversion and revenue. The podcast explores the process of developing sales strategy, coordinating sales operations and ensuring all the sales techniques are executed efficiently to achieve sales target. Sales management, which can be simplified using a sales management app, is the driving force of ensuring a business acquires revenue.  A good example of this is the episode “What is Working Today in Sales & Selling, with Lee Bartlett” which explores the depth of sales in both the UK and the US and its differences. The podcast also explores social selling, SaaS Sales, social media platforms selling, and the changes that have occurred in the sales industry.

The ‘In the Arena’ Podcast with Anthony Iannarino

Anthony provides a one-stop podcast for salespeople and business leaders who need exposure to techniques and strategies that drive sales. Anthony Iannarino is a successful salesperson with expertise in both B2B and B2C sales for different brands. The techniques provided are current and updated as per the trends within the market which makes them even more effective and reliable. ‘In the Arena’ features interviews conducted with top authors, salespeople and sales managers, and all the experienced individuals and groups of people in the sales industries. The podcast has received recognition in the industry and is constantly ranked among the best of sales podacsts. Of particular interest is the episode of Tell and Sell: “Why Stories Build Trust and Sell Things for More”, which featured Paul Smith who is a branding strategist.

Final Tip

Sales is a continuous process that requires inclusive strategies like the use of a sales management app to ensure revenue is gained. The app is perfect for busy managers and leaders as it automates most of the steps involved in the sales process while being effective in increasing revenue for the company. The app can also be used together with other sales management tools like HubSpot and EngageBay. Success in sales involves constantly shifting gears and strategies to meet the needs of the target market and the demands of the brand. The stated podcasts are just a handful of the available ones that are efficient in providing expertise and techniques in the field that helps navigate the channels of the sales process.

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