B2B & B2C: Our Tips to Optimize Both with a Free Sales Route Planner

Supply-chain management is a complex process dependent on a variety of factors. Navigating the sales process requires finding and acting on opportunities and identifying potential channels for distribution. 

B2B and B2C businesses use sales route planning to map out the most efficient ways to get their products from manufacturers and warehouses to their clients. 

RepMove’s free sales route planner gives sales reps more control over the planning and execution of product strategies. B2B and B2C sales reps can use RepMove to successfully deploy their sales strategies. 

Sales Route Planning

Manual route planning can be problematic. It can be costly, and increased complexity makes it harder for managers to hit their sales targets. 

With software-based sales route planning, sales reps have the tools necessary to navigate existing obstacles and discover new opportunities. Sales route planning applications are perfect for fieldwork, gathering data for market research, and defining optimized routes. Locating customers has never been easier.  

Sales reps who want to get the most out of their sales route planning software turn to RepMove for practical project management solutions. Whether you want to improve collaboration or generate engagement, RepMove is your specialized software for managing B2B and B2C sales routes. 


When selling products and services to other companies, it’s essential to have systems in place for managing and tracking the flow of goods. Sales route planning lets sales reps optimize routes by giving them access to real-time data points. 

Variables such as weather, traffic patterns, and driver behavior can be tracked and managed for better B2B experiences.

B2B product managers can deploy route planning software for improved efficiency and greater flexibility across the supply chain. Sales routes planning tools and software allow decision-makers to track, ship, change, or cancel orders in real-time, leading to better driver experiences and the ability to retain skilled workers.

Modern B2B strategies that use RepMove for sales route planning can build better partnerships. With integrated CRM tools and automated data management, RepMove will make sure you stay on top of your B2B product sales.


While direct customer sales are generally less complex, they require ongoing communication and participation in client engagement strategies. 

Sales route planning makes it easier for sales reps to connect directly with clients. Reps can create focused messaging centered on smaller deliveries and orders for better client experiences.

Shorter sales contracts often mean less client engagement. Late deliveries, wrong orders, or broken products can cost customers. With sales route planning, B2C sales reps can build one-on-one relationships with their clients based on specific personas, motivations, and behaviors. 

This approach means that marketing campaigns will be less complicated but more personal, leading to repeat customers.

B2C sales reps who want to create client-driven engagement strategies use RepMove for a simple and productive environment. With RepMove, you can build better client relationships while seamlessly managing account and contact data.

The Best Free Sales Route Planner App

Sales reps working in B2B and B2C markets can use RepMove to optimize their sales route planning. RepMove’s free sales route planner app was built with sellers in mind. Stay ahead of the competition with RepMove’s simplified organization software.

Using RepMove makes it easier for managers to stay on top of their workforce. Manage accounts, plan routes, and automate scheduling and tasks. Keeping track of important projects, data, and workforce strategies is simplified with RepMove.

RepMove’s comprehensive sales solution is available to users across multiple devices. If you’re a sales rep looking for a free solution to sales route planning, RepMove’s integrated enterprise software will help you keep track of your tasks and sales routes.

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