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How to Use Route Optimization to Maximize Sales

There is always room for improvement. Even incremental improvements that don’t immediately seem all that significant add up. A few seconds shaved off a drive from one client to another makes a difference when accumulated over a day, month, or year.

If you want your reps to get the most out of each and every day, it’s important to find the most optimal routes between clients. On the surface, it might represent a few minutes out of traffic every day, but the resulting benefits of excellent route planning are far greater than they might seem at first. 

Sales Route Optimization Prioritizes the Most Viable Leads 

No rep opens the day without a client plan in mind. They consider which accounts are most likely to purchase again and which prospects are most likely to convert, and then they plan the pitch around those chances.

But without a route plan set out ahead of time, they might meet with those otherwise-likely clients at an inopportune time. Whether it’s late in the day, just after lunch, or before morning coffee, when reps aren’t at their absolute best, they might slip. 

When they do, the likely sale can become a rejection — an easy opportunity slipped through between their fingers. 

Careful route planning can prevent this. With the most likely sales positioned at the perfect time of day for each sales rep, each can maximize their return on investment of time. A comfortable and well-prepared rep can put their best foot forward for the leads most likely to return the gesture with a purchase. 

Improve Customer Experience 

When reps meet their clients, they want to impress them by appearing confident, collected, and in control. They should never be rushed or frazzled by unreliable directions. Only a prepared sales rep inspires confidence. 

Sales route optimization helps them spend less time on logistics and more time on the pitch. That way, they can arrive on schedule, ready to deliver and clinch a deal. With only one chance to make a great first impression, route optimization makes it easy to arrive at the top of their game. 

Less stressed by traffic, more confident in the day ahead, and thoroughly integrated with familiar mapping tools like Google Maps and Apple Maps, the right sales route mapping software seamlessly incorporates itself into a streamlined workflow. 

Computers do basic tasks faster than people ever could. Taking advantage of these powerful computing tools makes it easy to pass busy work over to machines and realign focus on the most important parts of sales: customer relationships

Convenient Sales Rep App Integration Streamlines Data Entry 

A great route optimization tool eases the data entry burden on sales reps after a lead conversion, not just before. Automatic integration with various CRM tools reduces training time and man-hours that are lost to manual data entry — one of the least interesting parts of an otherwise-exciting sales position. 

When sales reps can update prospects to accounts in the same application used for mapping, they take less time at the end of a busy day of sales to input their successful results. 

Instead, they can enter accurate updates in seconds while on the job. With a few taps to finish the job, reps can drive to their next client meeting flush with success and brimming with confidence. 

These powerful tools are also capable of integrating with a variety of CRM software solutions. Automatic updates to a customer journey provide greater insights on the back end in mere moments. They help keep a real-time sense of the customer’s journey and the health of the company as a whole — all with only the most minimal data input. 

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