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Manage Tasks & Routes

With your organization deployed on RepMove, your reps will already be ahead of the competition as they proactively set their daily routes and tasks for each day within their sales rep app.

Through the Enterprise dashboard, the admin will have a live look of the teams sales activity. However, as we all know, a typical sales day will have some unexpected detours.

Through RepMove, you now have a simplified way to create new tasks and route stops for each of your reps. This is a great tool for getting new sales reps up to speed so they can understand the company’s direction and learn how to create and organize each day for themselves. Now you and your team are ready to tackle any opportunity!

Route Notes & Call Reports

With RepMove, you’re already set up for success by having the ability to keep detailed notes about your accounts and contacts. However, we take that one step further by introducing Route Notes. Now, you can add notes for each stop along your daily route.

This will keep you organized and help plan a productive future visit. Also, the route notes that are input each day can easily be emailed to a manager as a call report.

For those with the Enterprise version, the admin has the ability to view his reps Daily Route stops, as well as the corresponding Route Notes. This gives the admin another avenue to improve and track performance live throughout the day, as well as historical routes and notes.

Manage Accounts & Prospects

As an admin, you will have access to each individual account & prospect to view and edit details, contacts, detailed notes, and more. When needed, you can reassign accounts & prospects between reps or deactivate until you decide it is time to reactivate. As you receive leads, you can create a new account/prospect, add all the info and assign the account to a member of your team. Next time you have a scheduled onsite meeting and need to brush up on the account details and contacts, just pop-open RepMove and do your homework. Get ready for your business to grow by organizing and strategizing on your account base.

Integrate Your CRM With RepMove

Through our integrations you can connect RepMove to your CRM, apps, or workflow tools of choice, allowing you to sync and automate all of your daily activities, customer info, and all relevant data you may need.

Increase your sales by having access to all of your CRM information along with RepMove

Automatically sync new customers, contacts, and notes between platforms

With CRM integration, you can identify new opportunities and adjust your day while on the go


Share Documents

You already know about the great messaging feature you will be using, however we’ve enhanced that even further with the ability to send documents. Maybe your reps aren’t in the office today, but you just found out about a new promotion you need to get in their hands as soon as possible.

Now, you can send that in the form of a Word document, pdf, Excel, etc. directly to your rep in the field. You can send the document to your entire team, selected members of the team, or just an individual from your team. The team will be able to share that document or present it directly to a customer.

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Track the data that matters, so you can structure your organization to produce more revenue.

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