How-to add an Account on RepMove - RepMove

How-to add an Account on RepMove

This video will show you the steps of adding a new Account on the RepMove application. From the home screen, click the “+” icon in the upper right hand corner, that will take you directly to the create account page. The only information required here is an account name, but you can select a category and a color to represent that category by clicking the color dot on the right hand side and choosing from the color wheel. Click done and click the check mark in the upper right hand corner.

You can also enter account goals such as build relationship, grow profit, grow revenue, etc. If you know their main phone number you can enter it here as well as if there is an extension needed. Then you can enter the website and finally you can enter the main business address. Once you have the relevant information filled out, click next at the bottom. Enter a contact for the account if you wish, including emails, phone numbers, comments, and locations. Click save it will take you back to the main account details page to return to the home screen. Click the arrow in the top left and your account is now complete.

RepMove is a sales management application to help increase sales and efficiency among field sales representatives.

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