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Free 14-day trial
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Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sales Rep Mobile App

Can I use RepMove across multiple devices?

Yes, you can use our sales rep mobile app across any IOS or Android devices with the same login. The app is optimized for mobile devices and can also be used on an iPad or tablet. The Enterprise solution is a PC/tablet based platform.

Where can I ask specific questions not answered here?

Follow this link to our contact page:

Is RepMove have an enterprise solution available for business/sales teams?

Yes RepMove has an Enterprise solution that an admin/leader can manage their team and and all their companies customer/account information as a whole.

Is RepMove free?

Yes, you can download and utilize RepMove free of charge. Additional features and functionality are available through our paid Advanced, Premium tiers and Enterprise solution.

Can I import my accounts and leads from Microsoft Excel into the app?

This feature is available under our Premium tier and Enterprise solution. You can upload multiple account, prospect, and contact at once directly from an Excel sheet into RepMove.

Am I able to export my daily mileage into an Excel report?

This feature is available under our Premium tier and Enterprise solution. You will have the ability to export customizable mileage reports into Microsoft Excel to help with easy tracking and expensing of mileage.

How does the Daily Route feature work?

Build your planned route within the app by account/prospect and/or custom stops. Select your next stop, then click on the navigation button. This will bring up the ability to optimize your route to that location through your choice of Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Does RepMove integrate with other CRM applications?

Yes RepMove is integrated with the Zapier platform and your data can be transferred automatedly to the CRM/platform of your choice. For more info please visit

What payment options are accepted for the Advanced and Premium tiers?

RepMove subscriptions are managed within your Apple or Google Store. You can utilize whichever forms of payment accepted.

What is the difference between an Account and a Prospect?

With RepMove, an Account is considered an actively buying customer, whereas a Prospect is a potential customer that you are trying to generate net new business with. You can easily convert a Prospect to an Account when they become a customer.

Password not working?

If you have a message showing that there is no password associated with your email and you cannot reset the password. Login with Google or Apple on the login page. After you login you can choose to add a password for future login in the dashboard of the app.

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