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Build Trust With Your Customers

A lot has changed in the dynamics of doing business, but one of the things that has remained constant is the need to build lasting customer relationships. If anything, building trust with customers has proved harder for sales people because of the numerous options prospects can choose from.

Building Your Brand

A brand is how consumers perceive a certain product or service. There is more to a brand than just a name. It is more about consumer’s experiences. Building an outstanding brand from scratch can be intimidating if not scary. Most successful brand owners today can attest that it wasn’t easy starting out, that they had… Read more »

Prospecting New Clients

Prospecting is the acquisition and identification of potential customers in an effort to thrive in marketing and increase sales. The process involves developing a strategy and a system that will be effective in ensuring an increased rate of conversion. Prospecting is the beginning of any given sales journey and it determines if the sales will… Read more »

Top 3 Sales Podcasts

The most important part of the sale process is sourcing new potential customers for products or services. The use of effective sales strategies that target the right target market is necessary for increased sales. An effective strategy may include a sales management app that simplifies the sales process by managing contacts, tracking deals, and clearing… Read more »

How-to create a Task

There are actually two ways to create a task. The first thing you’ll want to do is determine if you want task notifications on; so in order to do that, you’ll go to settings down at the lower right. Select push notifications. And then toggle on task notifications. Here you’ll be able to set three different… Read more »

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